Garden fence idea for a practical and aesthetic exterior

Garden fence idea wood trend flowers outdoor

Are you looking for a garden fence idea original? If you want more privacy in your garden or just want a natural yet practical outdoor setting, the garden fence is the ideal solution for you. Finding a beautiful garden fence is not very difficult. Making it yourself is even better! Bought or DIY, garden fences vary in size, style and materials. The choices are numerous. Discover our gallery of wood and bamboo fencing suggestions in 32 ideas and find the one that best suits your desires and your outdoor decor..

Garden fence idea to make yourself

wood garden fence idea blackout garden landscaping outdoor space

On the one hand, the fence plays a concealing role and prevents unwanted viewers. If you like sunbathing, it will provide you with the privacy and comfort you seek. On the other hand, they have an important aesthetic function in the layout and exterior decoration. If you want your fence to blend in with the environment and become an integral part of your garden, our advice is to opt for a wooden garden fence.

Garden fence idea: small, white, discreet

wood garden fence idea

Without doubt, wood is the reference material for all modern interiors and exteriors. It is natural, ecological and inexpensive. It is, moreover, susceptible to be painted or decorated. Wood is also one of the key elements in Nordic design. Metal fences are very strong and are often more weather resistant. All the same, if you want a harmoniously landscaped exterior, our advice is to buy or make your wooden fence.

Pink painted wooden garden fence

Modern outdoor wood garden fence idea

If you live in the city near neighboring houses, you probably want some privacy when you enjoy your garden and the rays of the shining sun. A large blackout wooden or bamboo panel is then the ideal solution for you. It will provide you with the necessary privacy and tranquility, while blending in harmoniously with the environment and the natural setting. Buy it or DIY it yourself, it depends on your enthusiasm for DIY. It is sure that making it at home will cost you a lot of money..

Very original garden fence made from self-made ski skates

original fence outdoor garden idea occultation

The word “tinkering” scares some, but actually making your garden fence is not that complicated. Where to find the materials needed for its construction? It is possible to make it in wooden pallets or old wooden planks that you no longer use or for a natural look at the top: in tree branches that you will find in the forest. All these solutions will cost you very little in terms of resources. You still have to plan at least a weekend. The DIY will take time and patience, but you will be very happy with the result. Designing your design yourself is the best way to ensure that it will match the one you envisioned. If your exterior is lacking in color, why not paint it? Preferably, choose paint based on natural ingredients to avoid unpleasant surprises.

DIY garden fence with festive garland decoration

Deco fence garden wood idea garland diy

Green painted wooden blackout garden fence

Idea fence garden wood exterior terrace

  Small white garden fence

White wood fence idea outdoor garden

Light wood fence that blends in well with the environment

Idea fence garden wood exterior landscaping

Light wood fence for more privacy

classic wooden fence idea for landscaping outdoor jardfn

Fence to make from wooden pallets

diy wood garden fence idea idea exterior landscaped practical design

White medium sized fence

garden fence idea white wood trendy exterior design

Classic garden fence in white

Wooden fence white garden deco outdoor idea White wooden fence idea outdoor garden fence

Bamboo garden fence in Japan

bamboo fence diy garden original idea barrier

Wooden privacy screen to prevent unwanted glances

garden wood screen fence idea garden blackout

Fence in rustic style

Rustic wood fence idea garden landscaping

DIY garden fence decoration with wooden fish

Deco wood fence idea garden landscaping exterior

Original cactus fence

fence original exterior garden idea to arrange exterior

Black colored metal fence

fence metal garden idea blackout outdoor space trend

Fence that needs to be repaired

Wood fence idea garden landscaping exterior

Decorative and symbolic fence to manufacture

diy idea wooden garden fence

Optimal blackout without blocking light

wood screen privacy exterior trend idea diy wood

Transparent fence idea for the swimming pool

fence idea outdoor pool occultation

Bamboo blackout privacy screen

diy bamboo garden blackout screen

Metal fence

fence garden idea metal arrange outdoor space

Blue painted wooden fence

Blue fence garden landscaping exterior idea

Construction idea wooden garden fence

DIY wooden fence idea outdoor garden occultation

Medium sized light wood fence

Medium wooden fence idea garden occultation

Light wood privacy screen

screen garden wood idea flowers plant trend

Bamboo outdoor fence

panel garden idea blackout idea exterior arrange pot plant

Stone and wood fence

Fence stone wood garden idea landscaping exterior

Blackout idea for city gardens

city ​​garden screen idea

Large decorative stone fence of interesting design

fence garden idea blackout exterior