Garden beds for sleeping under the stars

COVE Paola Lenti reclining garden bed

The tendency is to want to enjoy the same comfort outdoors that we enjoy inside homes. In this context, garden beds are a logical response from manufacturers to a need for cocooning, but in a natural setting and under an open sky. The diversity of materials, technological advances, the extraordinary craze for outdoor furniture are all factors that explain the growing supply available, responding to unanimous consumer demand..

pyramid garden beds series

Luxor gpb pyramid garden tent

The bottom of the crisis can also explain the fact that people think twice before going to the other side of the world, and prefer to invest their garden for a lower budget. And the all-inclusive packages will not change much, because a trend that is emerging is to prefer to spend your holidays at home, for a real rest, unlike exotic trips from which you come back completely exhausted. And for which we should think about requiring a vacation cut to recover from the first vacation.

invest in the garden by investing in the garden

CLOUD Meridiani garden beds sand version

In short, today we offer you exceptional outdoor furniture, which may dissuade you forever from leaving your home sweet home, for whole afternoons devoted to a nap, or to spend a romantic night under the stars. , with the crackle of the fire and the song of the cicadas.

a nap with all the comforts of home

Royal Botania dark teak Kokoon garden furniture

Let’s start with a simple model, which looks like a beautiful mattress, but which was indeed designed to be an outdoor piece of furniture, its name is Landscape, it is available in the Aqua collection of Paola Lenti. It is a sleeping pad made of expanded polyurethane layers with a coating that can be removed easily, and is water and stain resistant. The mattress structure is molded to prevent direct contact with the floor, leaving an air gap that allows ideal ventilation under the mattress. A protective winter cover is available, if you are not counting or have no room to store your garden furniture.

a go-anywhere model

LANDSCAPE mattress garden beds Paola Lenti

Another model with simple, round and inviting shapes is the bed from the Cloud collection by Meridiani. Its design is by Andrea Parisio, it is again a large padded mattress, placed on a wooden seat, and topped with a mattress topper with bolster. All the covers are removable, and the materials are of course weather resistant.

comfort and aesthetics

CLOUD Meridiani garden beds poolside

Let us go a step further in the complexity of the models, and we obtain a bed, all that is most classic, but decorated very nicely with simple patterns carved in a noble material, since it is teak in the middle. unfinished appearance having been sanded for sanding giving a tribal and natural look. This double garden bed, named Sentosa, comes from the firm Il Giardino di Legno, in the collection Teak. The model is customizable on demand, but an available canopy version exists, and is simply exquisite. The advantage of teak is that it will allow the bed to age, which will acquire a unique and authentic style thanks to the patina of time.

the finish of this bed improves over time

Sentosa beach teak garden bed Il Giardino di Legno

The garden beds for cocooning are precisely the concept of Royal Botania, which presents their model aptly named Kokoon, with a brilliant design by Olivier Le Pensec. Made of teak wood from responsible and sustainable sectors, the main argument of this aerial model is to highlight unique materials in a very well thought-out design, with an X-shaped base from which fine teak columns rise. . Between hammock and work of art, let yourself be lulled by a little fantasy and softness. You will still find many models in our selection of photos.

high-flying in the art of cocooning

Kokoon teak garden furniture Royal Botania curtains

how to decorate an old wall

LANDSCAPE garden beds assortment of Paola Lenti cushions

lantern genie, take me on vacation

LANDSCAPE garden beds red terrace Paola Lenti

colors that resist UV rays.

LANDSCAPE garden beds cover PaolaLenti

ideal for a Moroccan terrace atmosphere

LANDSCAPE garden beds Paola Lenti Moroccan terrace

a french piece of furniture

canopy bed curtains Garden bed Le Lit National

which uses only organic or natural materials

Le Lit National uses natural materials

for a cubic nap

sleek design canopy garden bed RIDICULUM RECHTECK Felix Schwake

do not put your cushions in the same basket

overhead bed Lolah Collection KENNETH COBONPUE coffee tables

the super practical detail

reclining bed large compartment COVE Paola Lenti

smooth finish

COVE beige garden bed Paola Lenti

large storage space

storage bed COVE Paola Lenti

mix of teepee and pyramid for cosmic nap

Luxor gpb tent type garden bed furniture

to play with its modular furniture

bed modules LES ILES aluminum structure Roberti Rattan

the elegance of black, always

black bed covers LES ILES aluminum structure Roberti Rattan

bed modules LES ILES different colors Roberti Rattan

teak garden furniture Kokoon Royal Botania

garden furniture STRIPE MAMAGREEN black version

CLOUD gray garden beds Meridiani green mattress topper

modular garden furniture Summer Bed Deesawat Industries Co. swimming pool

garden furniture Summer Bed orange mattresses Deesawat Industries Co.

garden furniture Summer Cabana collection Deesawat Industries Co.

garden beds CLOUD wooden base Meridiani design

CLOUD Meridiani pillow top garden beds

CLOUD Meridiani garden beds cushions

CLOUD Meridiani garden beds gray bolster

Sentosa garden beds Il Giardino di Legno single model

Sentosa garden beds Il Giardino di Legno canopy model

ALTEA garden furniture Varaschin synthetic fibers

garden furniture ALTEA synthetic fibers Varaschin

ALTEA Varaschin garden furniture khaki version

canopy STRIPE MAMAGREEN garden furniture

white canopy STRIPE MAMAGREEN garden furniture