Contemporary deco living room: 65 inspiring interiors

Living room decor interior tree plant

The living room is the heart of a welcoming and comfortable home. We are dedicating this very detailed publication to him on contemporary deco salon. This versatile room in the modern home is the space where all family members come together to spend time together. This is also where you invite friends over for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. It is also in this space that you can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere by reading a good book, leafing through a magazine or, quite simply, listening to music.

Small contemporary deco living room with stone fireplace and large mirror

Contemporary sofa living room furniture modern fireplace

We all agree on the many functions that this part of our homes can perform. And yet, we also all have different ideas about her look. In fact, we can say that all the living rooms are different and each one has its own atmosphere which makes it unique and full of character..

Contemporary deco living room with mirrors and color palette in black and white

interior design living room

This is probably why many people find it difficult to come up with living room decor ideas. Because each member of the family and each friend gives them different, even contradictory, advice! Finding a beautiful decoration is also an activity that takes time. So, if you have a small living room, you’re probably going to be looking for ways to make it visually more spacious. There are plenty of ways to do this: using mirrors is one, playing with light is another. It all depends on the decor and accessories that appeal to you the most !

Contemporary deco living room: idea of ​​association of colors

living room deco contemporary design blue and green interior

And, while we’re at it, let’s see a few more solutions for this kind of interior space, small living rooms, which have become a traditional part of modern housing. One of them is to emphasize the height of the room. People who have a living room with a high ceiling will be preferred in this case. They will have the chance to enhance the room by putting up long curtains or adorning it with a hanging light, such as a chandelier.

Contemporary deco living room with high ceiling

contemporary style deco living room curtains

Another option is to use an accent in the room, for example, the windows. A living room with large windows, which take up almost the entire height of the wall, will certainly give the impression of a spacious and bright room. This effect will be enhanced if your curtains go up to the ceiling..

Contemporary deco living room: play with volumes

photo living room decor contemporary sofa and armchairs

The situation is quite different in the case of houses with a large living room. There, we must necessarily take into account the volumes. A large sofa of contemporary design can very well be placed in the middle of a living room of this kind. You can also decide to complete this central element with chairs of the same style. Or, we can set up a whole separate corner which will have a completely different atmosphere..

Contemporary deco living room in black and white

image living room contemporary decor accessories carpet stripes

Stripes are an element of living room decor that is very often used to highlight the shape of the room and also, in some cases, to give the impression of more depth. One of the strategies commonly employed is to adorn the living room floor with a striped rug. In a narrow room, an accessory like this will give you the advantage of being able to control the shape of the interior. You will thus turn it into an advantage instead of trying to hide them.

Contemporary deco living room with staircase

Living room decor paint color floor armchair leather

Many living rooms, whether old or new, are also adorned with stairs that the inhabitants of the house use to move from one level of their accommodation to another. Installing a staircase in a large living room is not difficult. But what to do when the room is small? Well, we have to start looking for compact and practical solutions. Spiral staircases are one of them.

Contemporary deco living room with glass door

Living room deco terrace glass door chandelier

Home decor professionals also recommend that anyone looking for living room ideas with contemporary decor try to connect the room with what is around it. This is a very good solution for a living room that opens onto a balcony, a terrace or a garden. There, the simplest but quite effective solution is to install sliding glass doors on the wall that separates the living room from the outside space. In this way, the room will be illuminated by the sun and the people in it will enjoy a magnificent view. Moreover, this is a strategy that can also be adopted for the design of your dining room.

Contemporary deco living room idea with exposed beams

contemporary deco living room painting wooden beams

Those who live in an interior space with an original form or who belong to an interesting architectural style, are free to adopt another strategy. When decorating a living room in an old building, we can try to emphasize the beauty of the exposed beams on the walls or on the ceiling.

Contemporary decor and design lounge: eclectic furnishings

living room deco lighting trendy sofa yellow color

Mixing various styles is also a way to obtain an original and personalized atmosphere for your interior. A space decorated in a modern style can very well include vintage decorative elements. In a similar way, the decoration of a modern living room can also be personalized with touches of industrial design..

Contemporary style deco living room: the coffee table is an essential object

contemporary deco living room scandinavian furniture wall table

Each living room has its own shape and plan which is part of the whole house. The interior design must be adapted to the way the space is organized in the house. To more easily design the way to organize your interior, we can remember a few simple rules that are applied in most contemporary design salons. One of them is that the coffee table almost always takes up a central part of the room. Sometimes the living room can also offer possibilities for setting up an additional area, for example a reading corner with a comfortable armchair and a free-standing luminaire..

Contemporary style deco living room layout and corner layout

living room arrangement deco armchair reading corner floor lamp

Speaking of arranging areas within a room, here’s an interesting observation: Sometimes a small nook in the living room can affect the overall look. This is often explained by the presence, in this part of the room, of a piece of furniture or a really impressive accessory such as, for example, a yellow armchair, an interesting light or even an original carpet..

Contemporary living room decoration with neutral colored sofa

Contemporary living room deco gray sofa wood deco

There are many ways to add color to an interior space and, in particular, to a living room. One of the possibilities is to choose a sofa with simple shapes and a neutral color and decorate it with multicolored cushions. Another option is to opt for a rug with repeating patterns (most often geometric shapes) and which also features eye-catching shades. Either way, try to keep the rest of the room decor as simple as possible..

Trendy colors for nature deco contemporary style living room

Living room interior decorating ideas for painting green plants

Interiors with decoration inspired by nature are trendy, peaceful and inspiring. Anyone can adopt accessories from nature for a successful living room layout. Green plants and flowers are probably the most common accessories for this kind of design..

Open storage cabinet and contemporary living room decor

living room decor library wall shelf ideas

Do you like bright interiors and light colors? So, bet on simple and practical furniture like, for example, shelves and open bookcases. Adding a mirror in this type of room is always a good idea, as it will bring more volume and light to the space. As for the color palette, it must remain neutral; light colors will dominate there.

Modern library and bright living room decor of contemporary design

Modern living room shelf storage for books

Living rooms with higher than usual ceilings offer a lot of decoration possibilities. One of them is to complete the look of the room with a piece of furniture that is particularly suited to its style. The bookcase with open storage, which occupies all the walls of a living room, is a really interesting and chic option..

Interior design of contemporary deco living room in light colors

living room atmosphere modern decoration white furniture

To give more character to its interior we put, in many cases, on a few small objects and living room furniture. Neutral and contrasting colors, such as black and white, are an ideal solution for this type of accessory. They brighten the room more, which is a big plus in small-area interiors..

Luxury living room decor in dark shades

luxury living room ideas color palette wall paint

For the living room to be chic and sophisticated, we must necessarily add typical accessories for luxury decor, without forgetting some spectacular and theatrical touches. Sometimes this effect can be achieved even in a monochrome interior, with the addition of a few touches of gold or silver.

Contemporary style living room deco idea with identical furniture

fireplace decoration of living room furniture trendy colors

To create a unique space, you can quite simply rely on the use of two identical pieces of furniture. Placing two identical sofas face to face is an intriguing and very successful idea. It is a lounge designed for social interactions that would be suitable for people who favor discussions and a cozy atmosphere. A contemporary fireplace will nicely complement the look of the room.

Luxury house with contemporary deco living room: the role of fabrics for a personalized atmosphere

luxury living room furniture decoration ideas

A living room can take on an impressive look when decked out in eye-catching colors and fabrics. Dark shades certainly help decorators achieve an impressive effect, as do velvety surfaces. Here are some small details that transform the whole room.

Wooden wall and contemporary fireplace in beautiful living room

wood wall covering living room modern decor lamps

The living room is a space that should be elegant and comfortable. Soft and clear colors are among the best solutions for such an atmosphere. Another is the delicate presence of a fireplace. When these details are accompanied by a wall covering with a wooden plank effect, the interior design of the living room can only be very successful..

Organization of interior space and interesting architectural solutions

interior design ideas living room decor white paint color

Fairs that are characterized by the presence of original architectural solutions are rare. If you are lucky enough to live in a house with such a living room, it is important to find a way to showcase their role. Contemporary lighting is an irreplaceable ally of such a room, as are the eclectic pieces of furniture that will be used to personalize the look of your living room..

Chic and modern deco living room with concrete wall

modern fireplace living room decor concrete wall covering

The contemporary deco salon is also a space for exploring trends in the world of design and art. This is where you can exhibit art objects like wall paintings or play with modern techniques and surfaces, such as concrete, glass and wood. If you like to experiment with these kinds of elements, find a way to achieve a balance between surfaces and colors..

Feminine deco idea for contemporary design deco living room

Zen living room decor ideas blue and orange furniture

Because, yes, colors can play a vital role in decorating a living room. The way they are combined is likely to make your home a unique design space. So, for example, light blue is known for its relaxing properties and it is an ideal color for a contemporary living room decor..

Relaxed living room decoration in contemporary style with rattan furniture

living room design trendy deco idea

The relaxed living room is characterized by the presence of light and simple furniture and their happy marriage with light colors. The pieces of furniture that do not clutter the interior bring a fresh and airy air to the living room while the other accessories give them a particularly comfortable appearance.

Contemporary living room decoration with original ceiling

living room interior ceiling decoration contemporary style

Floors are an often overlooked part of the living room. Still, they can easily take on the role of a decorative accent if paired with suitable furniture. There are many ways to make a floor look interesting: moldings and other highlights, wallpapers, and play of colors and contrasts..

Luxury house with decorative living room in dark shades inspired by the Baroque style

luxury home living room painting black white

Certain combinations of colors and materials have a specific effect on our imagination, as they are associated with ideas already ingrained in our consciousness. For example, the mixture of gold and black (or dark blue) is linked to the idea of ​​a sumptuous and majestic interior. Why not take advantage of a combination of colors like these to instill a specific message to those who discover your interior? ?

Living room decoration: contemporary style and natural decor with indoor tree

Trees interior deco contemporary living room furniture

Nowadays, nature lovers have plenty of varied possibilities to play with decorative accessories. Among these are green plants and indoor trees. These make the living room unique, regardless of whether it is built around a pre-existing tree or if it is introduced later..

Contemporary living room layout in glass house extsension

Cozy deco idea contemporary style living room design furniture

Another idea that will appeal to nature lovers is to arrange their living room in a glazed room (a veranda or a house extension, for example) where we can feel the link that unites us with our environment. Such a living room is welcoming and comfortable, especially if it is adorned with a few plants or a cozy fireplace..

Nature decor and contemporary style deco living room with green and depolluting plants

living room decoration indoor plant pot

With the popularity of natural decor and the respectable lifestyle of the planet, organic decor items have become trendy accessories. We love them because they combine effortlessly with any decorating style. Potted plants are a way to freshen up the living room and add an uplifting touch of color, in cases where that room in the house is dominated by neutral undertones..

How to decorate your living room with a contemporary design pendant light

hanging light fixture contemporary living room decoration

Designer lighting has become almost indispensable in contemporary homes. They come in all styles to easily match the rest of the room’s decor. In the photo above, we see one, very original, which is designed to fit into a room with natural and fresh decor.

Arrange your living room using wall decoration paintings

Contemporary living room wall decor ideas

Another accessory that can transform the look of a living room are paintings. In houses of eclectic design, they are able to become a unifying element facilitating the harmonization of objects and furniture of various styles. In short, paintings are an essential accessory for those who like sophisticated, cozy and relaxed interiors at the same time..

Make your living room brighter with a Scandinavian-style decoration

Scandinavian furniture living room deco nordic style

In contemporary residences, living rooms are often spaces connected to other rooms, such as the kitchen or the dining room. Connection with the balcony is a choice which is less often encountered but which can give very good results, especially in small apartments and in houses which lack enough windows..

Open your living room onto your terrace and integrate the outside into the inside

veranda living room ideas glass extension

Opening a room to the outside by means of a connection with a terrace or balcony (or simply by using glass doors) also has the advantage of blurring the boundaries between spaces and visually increasing each of them. This is the case even for living rooms with large furniture arranged in the center of the interior space..

What furniture and colors to use in your modern deco living room

Contemporary black and white living room decor idea

Many people find it difficult to choose a color for decorating their living room and spend a lot of time thinking about paint and furniture tints. If you fall into this category of people, we have a solution for you: consider the possibility of using a combination of classic and timeless hues, such as white and black. It will save you from possible missteps not only when it comes to color combinations but also decorating styles. Pretty much any style goes with a classic mix of shades like this.

Beige living room: idea of ​​color combination and accessories

image of living room deco wood and leather plant depolluante

Shades of beige were very trendy for several years. This is probably why decorators are now trying to minimize the use of its nuances. But, if you like beige, don’t be afraid to use it at home. Combine it with touches of wood and green: it’s a refreshing option that has a lot of potential but hasn’t been used often in recent years..

Living room paint color and combination of shades: taupe, green and wood

taupe living room ideas decoration chairs fireplace design

Taupe is another very trendy color right now. To make your living room look more interesting and cozy, try pairing walls in this color with wood elements. The contrast of textures and shades is so nice and pretty !

Contemporary rug idea for white living room

striped rug living room decorative accessory black and white

The combination of black and white can be used in many interiors and they will all look different. Stripes are an interesting and classic option. In a space with striped rugs, you can use touches of bright colors to vary the atmosphere and to give the living room a little more individuality..

Vintage-inspired compact living room fireplace

small fireplace living room wall wood siding deco cozy

Placing a fireplace in your living room is always a good idea. This accessory, which can be larger or smaller, modern or vintage, helps to create a good atmosphere in any home. In modern style interiors, fireplaces also bring a bohemian chic touch, especially when accompanied by the right accessories and fabrics..

Contemporary living room decoration inspired by Asian houses and room separation idea

living room decoration oriental wall decoration zen

Another idea for creating a unique interior is to draw inspiration from different cultures around the world. In the era of globalization that we are experiencing today, what better way than to transplant decorative accents that you love to make your own interpretation, in your home? Thus, one can take inspiration from oriental decor and Japanese interiors and introduce them to one’s home by means of doors and windows that evoke the image of dividing walls in Asian houses. The Zen atmosphere is guaranteed !

Trendy wallpapers and natural deco for living room of contemporary house

living room decoration accent wall wallpaper trend

We saw it in our articles on trendy wallpapers: wall tapestries are back. They can help us introduce colors into an otherwise mundane living room. Used on a single wall, wallpapers become accents. But there are also cases where they can invade the entire interior space and even harmonize with furniture fabrics..

Living room with peaceful atmosphere: light paint color

gray color sofa living room photo

On the other hand, when we want to create a peaceful living room, we try to eliminate all the accents and all the touches of color that are not really necessary. This can be done in the range of neutral shades, by means of a gray sofa and a discreet striped rug..

Fireplace and white brick wall in contemporary design living room

Living room layout modern furniture fireplace brick

Brick walls are known for their ability to transform interiors. Natural in color or painted in white or black, the bricks are the source of very original wall decorations, as here, where they are accompanied by a vintage fireplace that has become contemporary thanks to a successful makeover..

Design decorative objects and accessories in bright colors

contemporary style deco living room

Interiors in neutral and muted colors become even more interesting when complemented with an accent shade. When choosing it, we recommend that you think about the effect you want to have on those who will observe the room. Red is a good option if you want to create a strong contrast, but to really register in the room, it should be used in moderation..

Make your living room welcoming even if there is a lack of natural light

lighting living room interior design contemporary decoration

Everyone wants to have access to more natural light in their living room. But there are cases when this is simply not possible due to the organization of the interior space. In these situations, we just have to find a way and take advantage of this disadvantage. Thus, we can try to compensate for the lack of natural light with furniture and accessories that give the interior a welcoming and cozy air. Artificial light, and especially that which is characterized by a delicate yellowish shade, can help you achieve such an effect..

Decorate your living room using the play of colors and contrasts

Zen deco living room color palette

Knowing how to balance the use of colors is important for the layout of any room in the house, regardless of the decor style you choose. Mastering the art of subtle contrasts can be learned through the observation of various interiors that play on the variation of colors and their opposition.

Contemporary style decoration for living room interior: accent wall and strong contrasts

accent wall color living room decor contemporary fireplace

An interesting option for decorating a living room in color is to paint one of the walls in a dark shade, such as blue, brown, or even black. To achieve such a decoration, we must select a wall that can then be adorned with accessories in light colors, such as a white clock, a wall picture or even a fireplace mantel..

Feminine living room decor with touches of industrial design

feminine style contemporary deco living room

Shades like pink and coral are characteristic for the feminine decor. They are to be used by those who want to give their living room a fine and delicate atmosphere or who want to complete an industrial-style decoration with a few elegant and refined touches..

Green plants and fresh decor for a contemporary reading corner

living room layout chair reading corner

There are cases where adding just one piece of furniture is all you should do to complete your living room decor. This is particularly the case if there is an empty corner that can be supplemented with a piece of furniture such as, for example, a comfortable armchair. A few additional objects around it (a green plant, a small console and a bedside lamp) will be enough to transform this part of the room into a reading nook..

Oriental living room decoration in wood and contemporary style

Zen decoration living room wood sliding doors

To give an interior space a distinct and personalized look, one can use decorative elements inspired by other corners of the world such as, for example, Asia. Lighting, living room rugs and small accessories will be enough to revamp an interior that lacks personality..

Modern design pendant lights and living room lighting opening onto an outdoor terrace

pendant light design deco living room extension house verriere

Light is an essential element in the decoration of a living room and this is true for natural light sources as well as for indoor lighting. This is the reason why professional decorators like to work with spaces that have large windows that they can complement with pendant lights to make the house even brighter..

Wall painting and original decoration for living room with successful color harmonization

Modern living room design wall decor painting

Placing a decorative painting in a strategic place in the room is knowing how to attract attention and send a message to everyone who enters that same room. The paintings can serve as contrasting elements but also as unifying decorative objects of the different colors and materials used in the interior.

Brick wall mural and contemporary interior design living room with wood

painting wall bricks fireplace vintage style picture living room

Contrary to what one might think, painting a brick wall does not mean that this wall will blend in with the rest of the decor and will lose its personality. On the contrary: it can help you highlight it, giving more depth and texture to the interior space.

Contemporary living room decoration: idea of ​​brick wall and wooden shelf

Brick siding TV cabinet living room wood shelf

On the other hand, natural colored brick walls have an unmistakable charm that can be put to the benefit of those who wish to have an accent wall in their living room. The white color and the wooden accessories are elements that will further enhance the look of such a wall.

Black and white deco living room interior and contemporary fireplace with large mirror

interior decoration contemporary furniture open shelves

These days, there are many people who give up the idea of ​​installing a TV set in their living room. By eliminating this element from the room, one obtains more space for other interesting decorative objects such as, for example, a rich bookcase, mirrors and paintings. Such an approach will not appeal to everyone, but it should be considered if you appreciate the moments you can spend with family and friends..

Living room interior decoration with natural materials

Contemporary design glass coffee table

The glass coffee table is a contemporary accessory that has the advantage of making the room more spacious. Thanks to its transparent surface, she is able to showcase her feet, which are often sculpted in an interesting way. As we said, such an object can serve as a focal point in the room and the rest of the furniture – organized around it.

Photo of contemporary deco living room with mountain chalet style design and faux fur

mountain chalet style deco fur rug modern living room

To give the interior space a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, you can also use fabrics and faux fur rugs that evoke the atmosphere of the mountain chalet-style decor. Such an interior can be complemented with accessories that give the impression of floating in the air, such as suspended luminaires with a delicate structure, which are almost transparent. In this way, a balance will be obtained between surfaces and materials..

Contemporary deco living room with modern design furniture and stone wall decoration

modern sofa living room interior design

Strong contrasts and impressive decorative items can be combined to achieve truly stunning results. Thus, we can give the walls an unfinished look, leaving a part in stone or brick, and add modern style furniture to the room, as in the photo above..

Feminine living room decor and vintage-inspired contemporary furniture

living room decor feminine deco living room

For a completely opposite effect, we will use warm and soft colors and furniture and accessories with rounded shapes. Natural materials will go perfectly with such an interior, which is characterized by a very chic and feminine look..

Use objects of art for a successful contemporary deco living room

interior living room wall decor ideas

Is exhibiting paintings and works of art in your living room an interesting idea? We totally agree with you! Today, anyone can decide to transform their wall into an artistic space and store photo frames, pictures, posters and various accessories. Lit correctly, these objects can only make the interior space more pleasant and cozy.

Contemporary deco living room with white painted wooden beams and wall decoration

Living room layout deco table exposed beams

It is also possible to mobilize several strategies to make the living room even more welcoming. So, for example, we often combine faux fur rugs, with or without decorative patterns, with wooden coffee tables. The corner sofa is also an object that makes the room more cozy: it seems to enclose the interior space and protect us from its subtle presence. Here again, as wherever you are looking for a cozy effect, you can use cushions and furs at will.

Contemporary deco living room with leather sofa: classic and appreciated by all

Library design living room leather decoration

The modern attitude towards leather sofas can be summed up as follows: some love it, others hate it. If you are part of the first group, know that the leather sofa is one of those timeless pieces of furniture that can be integrated into any kind of contemporary living room. This sofa is elegant, imposing and it will be appreciated for its classic beauty.

Contemporary deco living room with moldings: integrate architectural elements into its interior

Living room fireplace decoration leather sofa

The contemporary-style living rooms gracefully adapt to any kind of architectural originality, embracing it and integrating it into the decor. This is true for the decorative elements in wood as well as for those in stone and for the moldings on the walls and on the ceiling of the room..

Contemporary deco living room and interior design by Shapiro Joyal Design

Furniture living room coffee table design deco wood

Let’s finish with this beautiful contemporary and simple decor that combines wooden elements and pastel shades. A few graphic touches in black are added to further highlight the fine and elegant side of this interior designed and produced by Shapiro Joyal Studio.