Pallet garden furniture in addition to 110 original ideas

Garden furniture in pallet diy idea

Wondering how to make a pallet garden furniture ? We offer you the answer in more than 110 original ideas for tables, sofas and armchairs! In recent years, pallet furniture has become very popular. They already decorate different parts of our homes and we love them for their vintage, chic and customizable side. But, when it comes to making a garden furniture set out of a pallet, it seems that there is always a lack of ideas.

Pallet garden furniture: how to do it ?

pallet garden furniture sofas tables terraces

Which projects will give the best results? Should we paint our furniture in pallets or leave them in their “wood” color? How to decorate our sofas and tables once they are ready? The answer is in the images below which offer you original ideas and allow you to decide which design and color will best suit your pallet garden furniture..

Pallet garden furniture: coffee table in white by Matt Troy of Plain Pallets

pallet garden furniture white wooden tables

The old wooden pallets are transformed into chic lounges in our gardens and on our terraces. The trend is not new and it is becoming more and more current as it is also part of our desire to respect nature and to recycle. As a result, more and more people are adopting pallet furniture to create cozy little corners outside..

Chic and modern wood pallet garden furniture

white wood outdoor furniture

We also reject the received ideas that these garden furniture are a solution only for those on a limited budget. The pallet garden furniture is above all to highlight your personality and your creativity.

What color for a wooden pallet garden furniture ? 

pallet table garden furniture

That’s why there are now a thousand and one ideas for creating pallet garden furniture. A nice solution is the asymmetrical table in white color palette which is highlighted by a pretty green plant (top, creation Matt Troy).

Pallet sofas with cushions

sofa in pallets terrace decoration

Those who like this idea, will discover proposals for making a whole garden furniture in white or black pallet in our gallery. If you prefer garden furniture with more colors, you can always choose to make a pallet table or sofa in white or black..

Pallet sofa for pallet garden furniture

wooden sofas terrace

Then you can add decorative accessories according to your choice. This solution is very successful, as you can see in the pictures below. Another possibility is to paint your garden furniture in a palette in various colors to give it a chic and bohemian look..

How to create nice corners with pallet sofas

terrace and garden decoration wooden furniture

It is perfect for gardens and we love how friendly it looks on our terraces! If you fancy giving your garden or patio a vintage look, you can do that very well with a pallet sofa. Leave it in the natural color of the palettes and decorate it with some cushions in neutral shades.

Ideas for making a vintage look pallet chair or sofa

garden furniture chairs sofa woodFor those who like to have a good time in the sun, here is another proposal: you can fashion sofas of the garden bed type, out of pallets, which you can decorate with several cushions or even with a mattress..

Ideas for making low pallet tables

Pallet garden furniture deco terrace furniture

In bright or neutral colors, these pieces of furniture will allow you to create a friendly corner outside to spend afternoons or evenings with friends.

Idea for pallet garden furniture: create a friendly space to spend moments with friends

lounges for garden deco terraces

And here’s a tip for small-space gardens and terraces: install casters on your pallet table or sofa. You could move your pallet furniture whenever you want !

What furniture to make for a garden furniture in wood pallet

pallet garden furniture how to do

After these explanations on the possibilities of creating a garden furniture in wooden pallet, let us now see what furniture to provide for the successful development of such an area. In the next section, we cover some popular patio and garden furniture DIY projects..

Our ideas for making a wooden sofa for an outdoor living room

patio furniture how to make ideas

Let’s start with the sofa. An essential piece of furniture for a pallet garden furniture, the sofa is often at the center of an outdoor relaxation area.

Large garden sofa in wood pallet

retro furniture outdoor design ideas

When it comes to making this type of furniture, you have a lot of options. In fact, pallets allow the manufacture of a very wide variety of sofas of varying heights, shapes and designs..

Idea for pallet garden furniture: angular sofa

garden furniture sofas terrace ideas

The height of your sofa will depend mainly on the number of pallets you want to accumulate to make the seat of the furniture. Generally speaking, pallet sofas are made from one, two or two or three pallets stacked on top of each other.

Detail of wooden sofas with cushions

sofas pallet garden furnitureIn the first case, the lower part of the pallets is used as the furniture legs. Otherwise, the pallet serving as the base of the furniture can be turned upside down. This little trick could help keep your sofa strong.

Large garden furniture of black painted wooden pallets

wood pallet garden furniture black paint pallet design idea

We advise you to apply this method in particular if you want to create a fairly long sofa from three or four pallets pushed together.

Customize your DIY patio deco sofa

garden furniture in pallet sofa-plant-holder

This simple and easy approach has seen many modifications. Those who are more gifted in DIY could therefore decide to refine the design of their DIY patio deco sofa. They will then have the option of undoing the collected pallets to use them as a base material, then adding keys of their choice..

Pallet garden furniture: decorative ideas in black and beige

garden furniture pallet furniture

So, for example, they can add an additional support behind the back of the sofa which also functions as the legs of the furniture. Alternatively, there is also the option of using planks arranged horizontally to provide a solid foundation for the sofa seat. Both ideas are illustrated in the pictures at the top.

Idea of ​​garden furniture in pallets

lounges terrace outdoor furniture woodRegarding the backrest of the do-it-yourself garden furniture, the options are also very rich. The simplest and most practical possibility would be to put a pallet vertically behind the seat of the sofa..

Colors for garden furniture in pallets

outdoor patio decoration furnitureBut you can also proceed as indicated above: undo the pallets and give the backrest a personalized look. Not to mention the fact that we can very well use a wall or a patio railing as a backrest !

Make your DIY pallet garden sofa even more comfortable

outdoor living room make furniture in pallets

Make your pallet wood garden furniture even more comfortable by adapting the sofa to the shape of your outdoor space. To accommodate more people, consider a corner sofa.

Wooden sofa on casters


Or, make moving furniture easier by installing casters over their feet. You will be able to move your sofa according to the way you want to organize your terrace. This tip will also allow you to clean your terrace more easily..

Example of decoration for bench or wooden sofa with cushions

Pallet furniture deco terrace

Pallets are raw and quite rough material. Embellish it with cushions !

Pallet garden furniture: vintage look

vintage terrace decoration ideas

Place them on the sofa seat for a more chic and pleasant atmosphere. Depending on the model of sofa chosen, you can also use them as comfortable backrests.

Pallet garden furniture: elegant look at the edge of a swimming pool

pallet sofa white garden furniture

Video tutorial to make a wooden pallet garden sofa

Want to make such a sofa for your garden furniture in pallet? Allow yourself a few minutes to watch the tutorial at the top! He will show you how to proceed step by step to successfully make such a DIY piece of furniture.

Make armchairs and additional seats for your garden furniture in wood pallet

wooden chairs garden furniture

Besides this simple and practical piece of furniture, there are also a lot of options of armchairs and additional seats to DIY.

Pallet furniture and decoration with cushions

Pallet table chairs wood garden

Some are easy to do. It would suffice to combine two pallets, one of which would serve as a seat and the other as the back of the furniture. Others require more advanced DIY skills. Those who would like to make elaborate armchairs will need to deconstruct the pallets to use the individual boards afterwards..

Pallet garden furniture: idea to create a small coffee table and chairs for the terrace

pallet chairs outdoor decoration

The result of all these efforts? Sturdy armchairs with comfortable seats and even armrests! Awesome, isn’t it ?

Deco idea wooden pallet garden furniture

Deco patio garden sofas in pallet

So here is an idea of ​​DIY furniture for garden furniture in pallet to necessarily try if you have wood in large quantities. Find a model and get started without hesitation !

Wooden and pallet chairs

deco terraces wooden chairs

Make wooden garden benches for your DIY outdoor decoration


Sofas and armchairs are an attractive option for outdoor lounging areas. But it is also another solution for arranging pallet garden furniture. These are wooden benches.

Table and benches for wooden terrace


Wooden benches usually consist of a long seat with legs. They are easier to make than armchairs and chairs, especially because you have the option of taking the pallets as they are and incorporating them into your project without undoing them.

DIY rectangular wooden table and benches

wood garden furniture ideas

Like the rest of the DIY deco seats, the pallet benches can vary in height. It all depends on the design you envision and the living room look you dream of.

Idea for upholstering a DIY wooden furniture 


Be free to customize your pallet benches, with a paint color, cushions and even storage for your outdoor space !

DIY picnic table for terrace


Due to their shape, the benches are a preferred option when setting up a pallet garden furniture that is part of an outdoor dining area.

Picnic table in pallets with benches


Speaking of pallet dining nooks, note that this material is also used for making picnic tables and accompanying benches. Compact, this set is ideal for setting up a small outdoor patio.

Cheap furniture for wooden terrace


This is because the benches are often attached to the table support, so as to free up space around the dining area..

Create stools to arrange a dining area or garden lounge in an outdoor pallet


Wooden pallets look quite bulky. For this reason, many people believe that furniture made from it will be heavy and take up a lot of space on their patio. But this idea is not always quite correct.

DIY padded wooden bar stool


In fact, this reclaimed material can be used for making small pieces of furniture, such as stools.

DIY bar in pallets and painting idea


Decide on the size of your DIY outdoor stools based on the space you have. Imagine them so that you can store them under another piece of furniture, if necessary.

Seat and table

wood pallet diy idea cushions landscaping

Or, give them a versatile role. On the image above, an example of a small piece of furniture designed to serve as a decorative object, a stool but also a small wooden table !

Relaxation area for small terrace in DIY version


Either way, think about ways to make your outdoor pallet patio furniture even more comfortable. And get enough cozy cushions !

The wooden table, an essential piece of furniture for the decoration of garden furniture in ecological pallet

armchairs sofas for garden wood

The wooden pallet table is an essential piece of furniture for any outdoor garden furniture. Often occupying the center of the space, it is available as a dining table or coffee table variant to best match the design of your pallet furniture.

Cozy wooden pallet garden furniture

make wooden furniture gardens terraces

In principle, this piece of furniture is quite simple to make and does not require a lot of effort. The basic model can therefore consist, quite simply, of one or two pallets placed in the center of the outdoor lounge.

DIY furniture idea for garden furniture in pallet

pallet tables garden furniture

DIY furniture models garden furniture palletsgarden furniture patio decorationTo replicate this model, you wouldn’t even need feet. The pallet support will perform this function very well. !

Refine the design of your wooden pallet coffee table


While you don’t have to tie the pallets together as a coffee table, you should do so if you want a more solid and more functional piece of furniture..

Idea for pallet garden furniture with coffee table

Pallet garden furniture tables furniture idea

In particular, this will allow you to refine the shape of your furniture and assign it some additional functions..

Table on casters

Table casters pallet wood plant idea chair diy

Stacking two pallets is therefore an optimal option for those who dream of a coffee table with a small storage space.

Outdoor wooden furniture

outdoor decoration wooden chairsBecause, as you might have guessed, the empty space between the top and the table support can be used for storing various small items.

Outdoor wooden furniture

make sofa in pallet wood coffee tables

Idea of ​​outdoor wood furniture and DIY deco

pallet tables garden furniture

In addition, the do-it-yourself coffee table can also be completed with casters or a glass top. The first option makes it easier to move while the second makes it even more chic..

DIY coffee table and glass top

garden furniture in pallet wood table-coffee-glass top

Of course, you are free to take inspiration from all these ideas and give them your own interpretation. And you can even apply all of the options we just listed: painting, adding casters and a glass top !

Table with wooden storage 

wood-pallet-white-coffee-table garden furniture

In short, before embarking on a DIY garden furniture table project, take a good look at the images in our gallery. They outline the multiple manufacturing options for such an object and will help you determine which features to provide for your outdoor space. !

DIY outdoor wood garden furniture


The wooden pallet coffee table becomes an element of the exterior decoration


The coffee table is such a simple piece of furniture to make that it has inspired many interpretations that simply serve as additional decorations for modern garden furniture..

Pretty ideas for pallet garden furniture with coffee table and small garden bed

pallet bed tables for garden

Thus, a piece of furniture of this kind can become a support for green plants or a small storage for cushions and throws..

Details of coffee tables in black and white pallet

outdoor furniture pallet ideas

This type of storage can be customized according to the style chosen for the entire outdoor space. For a rustic decor, opt for a piece of raw wood furniture. Conversely, for a thematic vintage look, opt for a colorful decoration.

Even more creative pallet table options


The main advantage of the idea of ​​making your own garden furniture is that you can imagine furniture that meets your needs. The tables in this section are the perfect illustration of this advantage.

Original idea for outdoors with a pallet coffee table

pallet furniture garden tables

The image at the top provides us with an idea that will appeal to DIY enthusiasts who have welcomed a new member into their family. To spend more time outdoors with their children, they can now hang a hammock under their table !

Pallet table idea with open hearth

garden furniture in pallet table-brazier-fireplace

Fancy an outdoor fireplace on your patio? Make a DIY table with a brazier and wood storage, taking inspiration from the model on the image above !

Do-it-yourself wooden side table


You don’t necessarily need garden furniture made entirely from pallets. And yet a small side table is never useless !

Original design wooden pallet tableDIY wood pallet garden table idea

Video tutorial to make a DIY coffee table out of pallets

Did the idea of ​​making such a piece of furniture appeal to you? In this case, you just have to watch the video tutorial at the top to see all the details of such a DIY project. !

Wooden dining table and DIY patio deco idea

garden furniture in wood pallet dining-table-rustic

We’ve talked a lot about the coffee table, but you should know that pallets are also a very practical option for making a dining table for an outdoor dining area. Here again, there are several designs to choose from. One possibility would be to use the legs of an old table and add a DIY top. Another idea would be to start from scratch and make all of your furniture yourself.

Create a relaxation area with do-it-yourself furniture


Create a corner of relaxation in your garden with pallet furniture? It’s entirely possible.

DIY deck chair for terrace


Because, yes, you can make all kinds of furniture from this material, even a few lounge chairs for your sunbathing. !

DIY pallet swing

garden furniture in pallet swing-do-it-yourself-idea

And for peaceful Sunday afternoons and evenings, treat yourself to a bohemian chic style swing !

Do-it-yourself hanging bed for outdoor use

pallet garden furniture make-a-swing-hanging-bed

Hang it with ropes near your living room or under a tree crown. Kids will love it! And adults will love the idea of ​​this corner where they can read or sit with a friend and chat for hours..

Did you know that pallets can be used to make flooring or privacy screens for your patio? ?


Your patio needs a makeover and you are wondering what type of coating would best complement your wood pallet furniture? Discover the answer below !

Durable and inexpensive wooden planks for natural decking


You might not know it, but this cheap and recycled material can also be used in the manufacture of flooring for an outdoor patio. Durable and tough wooden planks transform into the ideal decking for an outdoor space !

DIY wood decking and patio cladding


Used in appearance, with a grayish tint, or renovated and provided with a protective layer, these boards offer you an inexpensive way to cover your patio while enjoying an authentic look for its floor.

Idea of ​​patio flooring in pieces of pallets


But that’s not all. Why settle for a simple decking when you can achieve truly remarkable pallet flooring? So, for example, you can use small pieces of wood to reproduce a parquet effect on the outside. Or, play with small pebbles, to be placed between the boards, for an even more interesting coating !

Above ground wooden pool cladding to be molded

wooden pallet garden furniture outdoor-pool-layout

And then, we have a project for the most daring do-it-yourselfers: a cover for an above-ground pool with … Recycled boards, of course! The model in the photo above says it all. To complete such a project, you would need a good number of pallets. Their exact number would depend on the size of the swimming pool, the measurements of the terrace surrounding it and any additional elements (steps, decorations, supports, etc.). For your information, be aware that a medium-sized, square-shaped swimming pool can be dressed using no less than 40 paddles.

Protect your pallet garden furniture from prying eyes

garden furniture in wooden pallet fence-exterior-jardiniere

The sturdy, easy-to-find wooden planks also work as wooden garden fences. Nice option for a terrace that is close to a street or that faces a neighbor’s garden !

Make a wooden breeze for your terrace

garden furniture in wood pallet screen-recuperation-model

To better define an outdoor space or to get out of sight, we are embarking on the manufacture of a natural breeze view in wooden planks. Its design is to be selected according to your desires. Opt for a more discreet version (like the breeze model in the photo below) or leave spaces between the planks to see the space behind (like in the image above).

DIY wooden garden fence model


Moreover, this type of breeze view and fence goes very nicely with a wooden floor covering. This proves once again the ability of reclaimed wood planks’ to participate in all parts of the DIY decor !

Decorate your exterior with a wooden siding or a natural pergola


Palisades and breezes seen of this kind are also purely decorative. If you like the look of wood, why not dress one of the walls near your patio furniture in pallets? For an even more zen and authentic atmosphere, consider other natural elements that can accompany the wood. Stone, green plants and waterfalls are great options !

How to make a wooden pergola for your patio


For a shaded garden or terrace all year round, make a pergola out of pallets! In addition to the pieces of reclaimed wood ’, also provide solid supports in the form of load-bearing beams. On the hottest days, consider hanging a tent and curtains made of light-colored, light fabric. You will thus benefit from even more effective protection !

What to do on a pallet? Ideas for accessories and furniture to accompany your wooden garden furniture


After having examined the multiple options of wood creation for a DIY garden and terrace decoration, let’s see now what additional furniture and accessories to make to beautify its exterior and to make it even more welcoming..

Decoration for garden or terrace: pallet sofa with cushions and coffee table

armchair in pallets garden sofas

Small or large, the outdoor patio always needs a few touches of greenery. Instead of buying various planters and supports for your outdoor plants, decorate your green area with pallets.

Decorate your DIY garden furniture with a pallet planter


The DIY version planters are available in a horizontal or vertical variant. The former are suitable for larger sized gardens and terraces. Some even resemble “beds” suitable for the development of a raised vegetable garden.

Vertical planter and wooden pallet furniture for terrace


Vertical wooden planters, on the other hand, are a great solution for small spaces. You can put them on the ground or hang them on a wall, depending on the area you want to devote to them.

Green wall idea with wooden plant door 


These small, easy-to-create decorative accessories make it easy to create a green space in exteriors of all sizes. Some use them to hang mini planters and flower pots.

Hanging planter for vertical garden on pallets


Others prefer to create small beds for their plants right inside the pallet. This option with invisible containers gives an even more natural look to the outdoor space.

 DIY decoration in palette with succulents


Are you at the end of a large DIY project and find you have some unused pieces of wood left? Suddenly, you can afford a small green wall to make with a few pieces of wood and succulents, succulents or epiphytes.

Make yourself a wooden plant board


Easy to install, these three kinds of plants will help you beautify your exterior without much effort. And the result will be truly remarkable !

Make a horizontal pallet planter


Another quick and easy DIY project idea are freestanding horizontal planters. Fill a few such planters with flowers and store them around your living room or outdoor dining area !

Some projects of manual activities and wood decoration creations


Making a pallet garden furniture is good, but making your own decorative items is even better! Wall paintings, mirrors, candlesticks, small objects to install on their coffee table … Here are some examples of accessories that everyone is able to make themselves for an ecological and creative decoration.

DIY wooden wall decorations for outdoors


Making a pallet wall art is much easier than it looks. For such a project, plan three or four planks of wood that should be fastened together. Glue is a possibility for this step. But we prefer more solid alternatives, like two small pieces of wood to place behind the boards and to use as supports on which to nail the boards. Once the support is made, it is up to you to decorate your painting as you wish. Use paint to change the color of the boards, add an interesting inscription or glue rope elements, for example.

DIY mirror frame in pieces of pallets


Imagine an original wall decoration with mirrors for the exterior! The shiny surface of the mirrors will improve the brightness of your patio. To have such a wall decoration object at home, it would suffice to find an old mirror and change its frame. Replace it with a few pieces of wood held by metal elements or glued to a support that they share with the mirror itself.

DIY wooden exterior decoration with slate paint


If you’re in the mood to add a new accessory to your outdoor space but are short on time to create a painting or mirror frame, go for a much simpler option. It consists of taking the palette as it is and applying a coat of slate paint on its boards. Once the paint is dry, you are free to write various messages on this improvised blackboard !

Small organic accessories for a DIY garden or terrace decoration


Who doesn’t like candles? A versatile means of lighting and a source of a pleasant atmosphere, candles are one of the essential components of summer decor. This is why we suggest you make a small wall shelf to store your candles. Install it near your relaxation area to watch it in the evening.

Wooden bird house

garden furniture in a DIY birdhouse pallet

Making a house or a bird feeder is a great way to invite nature into its outdoors. This is a fairly simple project to do on pallets or some other type of wood plank. For more models of this type of construction, do not hesitate to consult our special file on this subject !

Idea of ​​a pallet tray for an outdoor dining area


Our recycled and natural material would also be used to make a DIY wooden tray. Similar in shape to the decorative paintings seen above, it also borrows the manufacturing steps. Start by assembling three or four boards horizontally to fasten together using pieces of wood laid vertically. When you are done with developing the stand, move on to the fun step: decorating the tray !

Create practical pallet furniture for your exterior


For a well-organized terrace, balcony or garden, consider making practical storage furniture. If you have a small exterior, the best solution would be to incorporate this kind of furniture into it by leaning it against a wall. Be smart and use the wall in question as the back of your furniture. It’s a way to save space, finish your project faster, and save materials !

Inexpensive outdoor storage: pallet trunk


Otherwise, for large balconies and terraces, one can easily imagine a safe. To be used as a multipurpose storage area (for throws and cushions, toys, gardening tools, various objects …), this small piece of furniture will be installed without problem in a corner of your outdoor living room.

Do-it-yourself wooden garden bike storage


Also think of other ingenious inventions that will allow you to give your patio a more polished look. For example, an outdoor bicycle storage is a good way to keep your bicycle out of the rain and have a more tidy patio.

How to make an outdoor wooden shower


Besides these pieces of furniture which meet very practical needs, there are also ingenious inventions which have the function of making us happy. This is the case with outdoor showers which refresh us in summer and which contribute to our well-being. Today, anyone with a garden can benefit from such a shower. You will only need three or four pallets (for the floor covering and for the wall), access to the piping and conventional fittings.

Make furniture for a summer kitchen on your terrace


If you have a little more room outside, why not set up a summer kitchen there? This is a great idea for those who like to entertain friends and for food lovers.

Outdoor kitchen furniture and patio storage idea


Of course, you can buy furniture for this corner of your patio. But, if you still have some pallets left, why not make the furniture for this area of ​​your exterior? ?

Pallet garden bar 


Make a bar using a few vertically turned pallets and a plank of wood. Or, if you need a larger structure, build a corner with a barbecue and a wooden covered counter. !

Outdoor bar idea in wooden pallets


For small outdoor kitchens, consider a buffet option with open and closed storage.

Vintage buffet cabinet to make yourself


And don’t hesitate to add additional decorations and supports against a wall of your patio. Decorate them with plant pots and lanterns for even more enjoyable open-air moments !

Small wooden storage for patio and garden


If you are short on space, provide wall shelves. Store your spices and seasonings as well as any other kitchen accessories you deem necessary.

Do-it-yourself wall storage in pallets


On the occasion of the arrival of summer, imagine an original fridge for your refreshing drinks. To do this, take an insulated bag and dress it in wood !

Exterior wooden fridge casing


Finally, complete this exterior decoration with an outdoor children’s play area. Browse the photos in the section below and spot ideas for various DIY furniture and play structures !

Our ideas for making furniture for an outdoor pallet playground


Modern play areas are designed to suit the shape and size of the outdoor space they accompany. If you have a small terrace, you can delimit part of it to devote it to a children’s play area. To make this area more fun and creative, accompany it with homemade furniture and decorations. The wooden pallets will be used for the realization of the floor covering in classic color. As for those who want a little more color, they always have the option of covering it with paint. In addition, the wooden planks will also be useful for making a mini sofa for your little one.

Outdoor play area with pallet furniture


Install a creative zone in your children’s play area! For this, opt once again for DIY decoration. Make a small table and stools or wooden bins. Your daughter or son will use this part of the outdoor space for their own crafts, painting or reading.

Deco children’s play area to make yourself


Don’t hesitate to decorate this playful corner with a little paint. Think about the colors that make your little one happy and try to introduce them into the decor. And here’s yet another fun idea: Use your little one’s favorite activity to decorate the table and chairs. It could be a sport, an animated series, a book, a video game …

Natural and protected play structures for the play area next to your pallet garden furniture


Who says outdoor play area in his garden, also says a wooden house, swings, a slide… If you are like us, you would certainly like to offer your child moments of play in a natural and safe atmosphere. For this, nothing better than to make your own wooden play structures. In the image below, an example of a sandbox that meets these requirements. Raised, it is protected from animals when children are not playing on it. And, in addition, it has two benches, which allows the little ones to sit comfortably around !

Protected sandbox to be made in pallets


And then, let’s not forget that children’s play areas also need additional play structures. They vary according to the seasons and according to the ideas of the little ones. Instead of spending money on these kinds of things that aren’t used for very long, make them out of wood. Lemonade stands, mini summer kitchens, dollhouses, race tracks … So many structures that you can make yourself and that will harmonize perfectly with your pallet garden furniture !

Lemonade stand for children